The press release of the Round table titled: “Patriotism yesterday, today, tomorrow. What is done for this purpose?”

Officials of the President Administration, the Cabinet of Ministers, Milli Mejlis (parliament), Ministries of Defense and other corresponding ministries and departments, Ombudsman apparatus, Executive Authority of Baku and surrounding areas, NGO representatives and journalists were invited to the action. Head of the ELS IRC Mrs. Irada Yagubova has presented the results of the conducted monitoring.Hero sons and daughters of Azerbaijan were ready to give their lives in the most difficult for the Motherland times. During the Second World War 300 thousands fighters from more than 600 thousands gone to front were lost in battles. Heroic spirit of our compatriots were shown in near history and in the fierce fights for Karabakh where thousands of volunteers died bravely, who did not want to give their lands to occupants. Their heroic act and patriotism should be an example for young generation. What do we have on the eve of such significant dates for our people, the Day of Rescue – on June 15, the beginning of Great Motherland War – on June 22, Day of Armed forces of Azerbaijan – on June 26? What is done and what it is necessary to undertake for education of young generation in patriotic spirit?

For this purpose first of all it is necessary to conduct wide propagation in all mass media, and also on the Internet about the heroes who have given their lives for the Native land, in particular, placing the information on National Heroes of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, for today the situation and scale of works in this direction leave much to be desired. It is necessary to note, that still there is no site of the Ministry of Defense where the information on pages of the history of the Azerbaijan Army should be placed. The situation is that we have to collect the separate information from various sites about National Heroes of Azerbaijan and frequently even it is impossible to define their exact number.

Among 209 national heroes (the number approximate) is only two women. They are Salatin Askerova and Gultekin Askerova.

According to the data received from the Internet, the bust for Salatin Askerova is installed in a yard of the University “Tefekkur”. Actually this bust is rather a Salatin Askerova’s bas-relief from medical and biologic laboratory of university. Despite of our numerous inquiries to the corresponding structures we did not manage to get the information an installation site of bust for Salatin Askerova.

Bust for Salatin Askerova is installed in small avenue to the address of 79 Ataturk Avenue. It is necessary to note that the avenue is in a nasty condition, all vegetation consists of a dry and burnt grass. It is hard to see the bust. The dust burnt in avenue and stubs from cigarettes have transformed it into waste ground where the bust loses the shape and purpose. How successful it is possible to consider all attempts to generate feeling of patriotism and military spirit at those who walks in this avenue?

These are only two facts of scandalous indifference to our history. They are so indicative, that we did not begin to find out destiny of other monuments and busts which should bring up generation’s love to their Motherland and an opportunity of self-sacrificing for the sake of their people.

In the circumstances, connected with occupation of our lands, formation of patriotic ideals plays an important role. In this significant question joint activity of the state structures, public organizations and representatives of mass-media is vital.

Let’s note, that the purpose of activity of the ELS Independent Research Center consists in assisting in a work of formation of a civil society in Azerbaijan by means of scientific, sociological and other research, leaning on the international experience and successes in the given area and then to inform the international community on achievements in development of the country.