Bölmə: Election 2008

Interviewers and trainers from Agstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz and Gadabay are involved to trainings

The “ELS” Independent Research Center had conducted trainings for interviewers and supervisors that are going to participate on “Exit-poll” surveys conducted at the territories of Agstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz and Gadabay regions during September 20 and 21. The first training was organized on September 20 at Agstafa region for the interviewers and supervisors from Agstafa and Gazakh regions. On this training there was given information to the participants about the context of the “Exit-poll” planned to be conducted during the October 15 presidential elections. At the same time on the training there was presented explanation by the trainer about the rules of conducting the survey. Davamı


The initial results of the “Exit – poll” survey jointly conducted by the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan and the “ELS” Independent Research Center

sc1Today the “ELS” Independent Research Center has conducted the “Exit – poll” survey on October 15, 2008 presidential elections at 800 polling stations of the country together with the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan. The voters that were leaving the polling station after voting participated on the survey. The selection of participants were made based on the step provided before. The voters were offered to fill in the questionnaires and all the necessary conditions for voters’ confidentiality were provided. The voters’ response to the survey was positive, however, the cases of refusing to give interview was only 4,8 %. Davamı


Election Day – Photos from the Baku headquarters


The “ELS” Independent Research Center had got accreditation at the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Azerbaijan Republic

To the application of the ELS Independent Research Center together with the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan concerning conducting joint “Exit – poll” survey during the October 15 presidential elections was received a positive reply from the Central Election Commission (CEC). So, the above mentioned organizations had got official right to conduct the joint “Exit – poll” survey during the presidential elections. It should be mentioned that according to the September 19, 2008 decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC) the non – governmental organizations planning to conduct “Exit – poll” survey must apply in written form in order to get accreditation 20 days before the voting day. At the same time the legal documents of the applying non – governmental organization and written information about the ways and facilities of conducting the survey must be submitted to the CEC. The CEC is considering the application during the 10 days since the day of receiving the application, the documents submitted are checked and the decision on whether to provide accreditation or not is made. Davamı


The final training was conducted for coordinators by the “ELS” Independent Research Center

Kor1The “ELS” Independent Research Center had implemented the final training for coordinators concerning the “Exit – poll” survey. To the coordinators that are going to conduct control interviewers and supervisors’ assembly and their work during the voting day were additionally informed about the importance of the survey. There was told about the coordinators’ duties during the “Exit – poll” survey implemented on the voting day. The ways of interviewers’ treating with voters, the use of questionnaires during the survey, eradication of problems that might be occurred and coordinators’ responsibilities in those cases were explained. Davamı