About Us

The “ELS” Independent Research Center conducting activity since 2006 is consolidating on its rows the people who would like to assist to development of civil society, to be real participant of building stable and reliable future.

On 31 st of January of 2007 the Center was registered as a non – commercial, non – governmental and public organization conducting activity on voluntary basis.

The Center is implementing wide range of research covering all fields of social – political life of the country. Monitoring, different kinds of sociological polls, round tables etc. are conducted with the aim to achieve this goal.

The Center is based on the principles of independence, accuracy, operative, fair and objectivity.

Along with the specialists possessing rich theoretical and practical experience youth are also cooperating with the Center. They are gaining experience from elder generation and at the same time bringing innovation to the solution of actual problems.

The aim of activity of the Center is to assist to presence of civil society in all fields where there are opportunities for increase of the role of public mind which is the main factor and regulator of social life, to assist to dissemination of up to date information and knowledge on the basis of conducting scientific and practical research, to inform the international community about the directions of development of our country.
We are ready
to cooperate with everyone
who would like to make contribution
to the process of formation
of civil society in Azerbaijan.