Interviewers and trainers from Agstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz and Gadabay are involved to trainings

The “ELS” Independent Research Center had conducted trainings for interviewers and supervisors that are going to participate on “Exit-poll” surveys conducted at the territories of Agstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz and Gadabay regions during September 20 and 21. The first training was organized on September 20 at Agstafa region for the interviewers and supervisors from Agstafa and Gazakh regions. On this training there was given information to the participants about the context of the “Exit-poll” planned to be conducted during the October 15 presidential elections. At the same time on the training there was presented explanation by the trainer about the rules of conducting the survey.

The forms of relevant documents going to be used on “Exit-poll” were presented to participants and the participants were informed about the mechanisms of how to deal with these documents. The questions that were interesting for participants during the training process were answered by the trainer. There were 12 interviewers from Gazakh and 10 from Agstafa and there were selected supervisors during the training.

At the second half of a day interviewers and supervisors going to participate on polling stations covered by “Exit-poll” at the territory of Tovuz region. There was presented information to participants about “Exit-poll” and the rules of conducting it. The questions interesting them were answered by the trainer. All the interviewers going to participate on “Exit – poll” attended the training.

On September 21 there was organized a training for interviewers and supervisors going to participate on “Exit-poll” at Shamkir and Gadabay regions. The participants were also informed on this training about “Exit-poll” and the ways of conducting it. Also participants were told about eradication of problems occurred on the election day during “Exit-poll”.